How it works

Aerial Revolution Entertainment offers high-quality, cutting edge, and affordable live entertainment,
in the spirit of contemporary circus much like Cirque du Soleil.

Aerial Revolution will provide its innovative circus apparatus and professional entertainers
to produce aerial and ground acrobatic acts that will be custom to the client’s age, taste, or theme choice.
We can also provide atmospheric performers on stilts and/or power risers.

Rates are completely negotiable and based on specific and custom event. Anything is possible!

Most Popular Acts

This list does not include all services that Aerial Revolution can offer. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.


Aerial Silks Soloist
Aerial silks are a beautiful ballet in air, or a stunning display of strength and endurance. Using any color choice of fabric, the dancer will climb, wrap, and fall in the most graceful ways creating suspense, gorgeous shapes, and adding color and flair to your event.

Aerial Silks Duet
Aerial silks are a beautiful ballet in air. Using any color choice of fabric, the dancers will skillfully lift one another, creating a passionate discplay of trust, suspense, strength, and grace. Each dancer may also climb, wrap, and “fall” throughout the routine. Many of our duet aerialists are also professional dancers and may add some ballet, tango, adagio, or acrobatics to their routine to create a multi-level routine that builds from the ground up.

Aerial Hoop (“Lyra” or “Cerceaux”)
This multi-dimensionally moving apparatus is one of the more versatile acts. Not necessary to have a high ceiling, many aerialists who perform Lyra prefer to spin from the ground up and back down again. Lyra can be very high energy, or it can be absolutely dramatic and graceful. A performer on lyra is generally flexible like a contortionist and enjoys spinning extremely fast as they change positions and tilt the hoop in several directions. *May also be performed as a duet.

Aerial Net
An aerialist with a nautical feel, perhaps? The aerial net is made of rope and is similar to the aerial hammock, but more translucent. Be amazed as the aerialist switches not only the position of their body, but also the shape of the net itself.

Aerial Hammock/Sling
The aerial hammock is made of the same fabric as the aerial silks and is similar to the aerial net, but more elusive. Beauty and grace, or energetic and powerful is the aerialist.
Versatile for height challenged venues, with the same colorful appeal as the aerial silks.

Aerial Cube
A very unique qeometrical apparatus that blends the beauty of the lyra and the trapeze with a new dimension of tilts, turns and impressive feats of balance, strength and flexibility.

Aerial Bartender/Chandelier
Aerial bartending can be done on any apparatus, but why not splurge and impress your guests with a giant sparkling chandelier? Bottle service from beautiful, talented aerialists is sure to WOW your guests.

Aerial Straps
The aerial straps are made of nylon material and are most often seen as a “flying” act attached to a motor and capable of lifting the performer to heights and back down again. One of the strongest and more masculine of the aerial acts, straps are very unique and incredibly impressive.


This ancient performance art will amaze any audience. With utter control and strength, the contortionist will bend and twist their body to create unimaginable shapes and move as fluid as water through balancing postures, spine tingling backbends, and extreme split positions.




A handbalancer is a unique performer who is able to stand for long periods of time on their hands or hand. Often performed on “canes” or sticks with blocks of wood attached at the top, the handbalancer changes from one hand to the other, in multiple positions with their body. Often, a handbalancer may also practice contortion, and therefore bending in incredible and unbelievable ways. Handbalancing is a practice that requires a lifetime of learning, and is among the most difficult acts to find, as there are only a select few who have this amazing ability. *May also be performed as a duet.


In San Diego, this act was made famous by Sea World in their show, “Cirque de la Mer,” but the Chinese have been climbing and “flagging” on poles for thousands of years. A very exciting act, Chinese pole includes climbs, jumps, falls, and positions of unreal strength. Great for almost any event, we offer a free-standing cube shaped apparatus for performance of this act.



Theatre Productions

“Pan Gu” – An AR original production about the story of how life began as told through ancient Chinese Mythology.
“Dreams” – An AR original production about a strange world a young girl explores in her sleep.
“Over the Psyclone” -An AR original twist on The Wizard of Oz.
“CirKiss” – AR’s 21+ original aerial burlesque show with sexy themes, costumes, and tastefully raunchy comedy.
“Cirque du Cinema” original production with impersonators, acrobats, and aerialists representing genres of movies throughout time.
“Aerial on Broadway” original production in the style of broadway musicals. Live music, energetic theme.
“Rock On” original production with rock music of the ages.
“Memoirs of Nicholas” original production with a unique and cultural Christmas theme.

Past Clients and Venues

Night Clubs and Event Venues

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Hotels and Resorts


Charitable Organizations

We work with a variety of philanthropic organizations.
Some of our favorite charities are:

Please let us know how we might be able to help by either donation of classes at our studio,
or by way of a short performance at your event.