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Aerial Revolution is the original aerial studio in San Diego. AR offers Circus Style Entertainment and Classes. We are so fortunate to provide aerial arts classes taught by our very own professional special events performance troupe. We are highly skilled, talented professional performers and athletes who have dedicated our lives to our passion of art through movement. Our philosophy is to provide a safe, welcoming space to share our passion with friends from all walks of life. As performers, we offer corporate event entertainment across the country. With decades of combined experience that includes work with Cirque du Soleil, Sea World, Disney, and more, our team has the knowledge and skill to both delight audiences and provide a platform to train students from novice to aspiring professional. Welcome to our family!

“Wow! Our guests were amazed with the outstanding performers of Aerial Revolution!”

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Aerial Revolution offers classes 7 days a week by well-trained and experienced movement, cirque, and youth teaching professionals.

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Our performance troop will entertain and enthrall your guests. We’ve performed at many venues from weddings to corporate parties. Make your event memorable.

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“I have always been a romantic, one of those people who believes that a woman in pink circus tights contains all the secrets of the universe.”

Tom Robbins


Which level of class should I take?
A lot depends on your experience and fitness level. We recommend you read our detailed class descriptions when you are booking your class, which describe the class in detail and often recommend the level best suited to your skills, age and fitness level. Our classes are progressive meaning that you must be approved to take the next level class. If you have no experience, you will need to take a class that says “level 1” or “beginner.”
Do I need special equipment for the class?
Each class is listed on our website with a description of what to expect, skills you will learn, prerequisites (if any) and how to come prepared for the class (including what to wear). Our studio provides all the necessary equipment to participate in a class.
How do I use my Groupon Voucher?
All Groupon, Passport to Prana, Living Social, and Yelp deals must be redeemed at the studio. All of our classes require a reservation. Please create an account in our MindBody scheduler and sign up for your first class as “unpaid.” Bring your voucher to your first class. Once we have you entered into our online software system, you will be able to log in and check how many classes you have left as well as make future reservations using those classes.
How do I go about booking a performance?
You can begin the process of booking a performance in two ways! Call (858) 703-7924 and speak to Jessica Flores about what you have in mind, or fill out our convenient entertainment booking form. Either way, we’ll get you a quote and show that matches your needs perfectly!

What Others Are Saying

Corinna Lewis

Since the day we got engaged my wife and I dreamed of having a circus wedding. Jessica and Aerial Revelation were able to bring that dream alive by providing us with an aerial rig and beautiful performers that had our guests in awe the entire wedding. Aerial Revolution was professional, responsive and perfectly executed everything we had asked for. If you want to treat your guests to high-quality entertainment, I highly recommend hiring AR!

Corinna Lewis

Larry M

Incredible display of talent!!! So thrilled to have been decorated as your reindeer and Christmas tree during the show. LOL

Larry M

Marisa Y

These shows are AMAZING !! I have been to three now and Love them more and more each time I go. Its such a fun night to see some talented aerial acrobatics. I was able to bring my son to the Christmas show since it was all ages and he loved it too- what a special treat. Thanks!!

Marisa Y

Adrian P

As a person recovering from PTSD thanks too all Aerial Revolution staff.

Adrian P


Thanks for being a great instructor and I really enjoyed everyone's class. I am now in Florida working as a chef and doing circus with club med and training on flying trapeze. Aerial revolution saved me from depression and taught me to enjoy life again. I cant believe I'm getting paid to train circus now because they loved my enthusiasm.


Frankie Iannone

Taking silks and Lyra classes at aerial revolution has inspired me in all areas of my life. When you realize you're capable of doing something that once seemed impossible, like climbing an 18 foot rope, all of the sudden you realize the many other things in life you're capable of taking on!! Nowhere else in San Diego will you find a more welcoming and talented group of instructors.

Frankie Iannone

READY! We are so honored to be a part of the San Diego #daybreaker event #onelove at the @quartyardsd ! Many thanks to the daybreaker producers for asking us to perform at this inspiring yoga/dance party! Thank you to our performers @missmara12.21 and @rachael_yovanoff . Have the BEST time today! #daybreakersd #yoga #yogainspiration #workoutmotivation #fitfam #fitness #aerialrevolution #aerial #aerialists #silks #aerialsilks #aerialistsofig #yogi #dance #danceparty #community #friendship #cirque #circus #acrobat #sandiego #music #love #livelife ...

READY! We are so honored to be a part of the San Diego #daybreaker event #onelove at the @quartyardsd ! Many thanks to the daybreaker producers for asking us to perform at this inspiring yoga/dance party! Thank you to our performers @missmara12.21 and @rachael_yovanoff . Have the BEST time today! #daybreakersd #yoga #yogainspiration #workoutmotivation #fitfam #fitness #aerialrevolution #aerial #aerialists #silks #aerialsilks #aerialistsofig #yogi #dance #danceparty #community #friendship #cirque #circus #acrobat #sandiego #music #love #livelife

Beautiful double star drop by one of our favorite kids! Thank you to the families who got up early and braved the 39 degree weather at 7am to be on the news with us! We love you! #circus #silks #doublestar #cirque #aerialclasses #aerialrevolution #aerial #aerialists #aerialistsofig #kidsclasses #kidsfitness #sandiego #summercamp #kids #cool #dropitlikeitshot #butitssocold ...

Our morning news crew is ready! Check us out on the CW Morning Extra at 8:10am. @thecw #news #aerialrevolution @aerialrevolution #cirque #aerialist #summercamp #kidsclasses #kidsfitness #kids #youthcircus #circus #acrobat #gymnastics ...

Our morning news crew is ready! Check us out on the CW Morning Extra at 8:10am. @thecw #news #aerialrevolution @aerialrevolution #cirque #aerialist #summercamp #kidsclasses #kidsfitness #kids #youthcircus #circus #acrobat #gymnastics


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