Jessica Flores :

Jessica Flores

Hi! My name is Jessica Flores. I am the founder of Aerial Revolution Entertainment and Studio. I am so fortunate to have a beautiful family (3 kids and a husband), a job I am passionate about and I'm surrounded by the best co-workers I could ever imagine in gorgeous San Diego of all places!

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Being a part of AR has been a dream come true, and it was really a journey I never thought possible. I walk into every class I teach with the intention of creating a playful yet informative and challenging experience for my students. I always focus on strength building through muscle awareness and proper technique. I often find myself so involved in the process of sharing my passion (circus arts) that time just flies by! I have over 10 years of experience in teaching aerial silks and over 20 years of gymnastics or acrobatics coaching. Through that time, I have seen many things and have helped so many people of all different ages, backgrounds, and skill levels. My ultimate goal in building this program was to offer aerial classes that anyone could take, regardless of their skill or strength level. I hope that AR will continue to be “home” to our student performers and that I can provide a platform for anyone to gain the experience and confidence they need to become a professional circus performer. Growing up, I was a competitive gymnast and cheerleader. I began my professional circus career in 2004 with the Triton Trouper's Circus in Chicago, Illinois. I performed as a Trampolinist, Spanish Web and Solo Swinging Trapeze Aerialist. I currently specialize in Aerial Silks, Aerial Hammock, Chinese Pole, and Handbalancing. I hope to see you in class soon, be ready to sweat!

Tammuz Debnov :

Tammuz Debnov

Hi there! My name is Tammuz, or Taz, whatever is easier for you. I have always been a mover (dancer, acrobat, aerialist, handstander, etc.) and a creative creator (doing some cool interactive projection work with my performances, checkout for more info =)

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I have been dancing since middle school, even graduated UC Berkeley with a minor in Dance, but have been doing circus arts just as long. I usually teach handstands here at AR, my methodology mostly focuses on body awareness while upside down (crazy how hard that gets) with strong emphasis on getting a clean line and getting the bones to stack; making the handstand as easy as possible. I mostly perform aerial work and ground/dance work, but I’ve dabbled in most things circus related. Looking forward to seeing you around at AR or even better seeing you upside down in my class!

Sarah Morgan :

Sarah Morgan

Hi, I’m Sarah! I’ve been singing, dancing, and performing for as long as I can remember and spent much my childhood on stage in dance recitals, ballroom dance competitions, and musicals. I fell in love with the strength and grace of aerial when I began training on silks, hammock, static trapeze, and lyra in Detroit in 2010.

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The challenge and focus required to learn a new skill had me and my ambitious nature hooked at first flip. For two years I taught adult and kids aerial classes at the Detroit Academy of Kinesthetic Arts as well as Agora Arts in Michigan. In 2014 I moved to San Diego where I completed the Aerial Revolution teacher training before joining the staff as a youth aerial instructor. My passion for teaching aerial arts stems from its unique ability to grow self-confidence at the same time challenging my students to learn new skills while building their strength and flexibility. For three years I performed with The Weird Sisters Circus at events throughout the US and Canada including The North American International Auto Show, The Detroit Pistons halftime shows, and Detroit's own Theatre Bizarre. Now I split my time between working as a blog and online business strategist and teaching my students to face their fears, find their strength and fly! Join me for youth aerial Wednesdays and Fridays where I teach the best after school activity in town!

Maring Higa :

Maring Higa

Hi! My name is Maring. I got a late start at the age of 28 in circus after a soccer injury and a friend suggested I try out an aerial class. It was love at first class and I have never looked back. I have been performing since 2006 in Silks, Lyra, partner Adagio, and rolla bolla at various corporate gigs, festivals and with a circus troupe called The circus collective of San Diego.

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My other passion is teaching others to get strong and love this art as much as I do. I run an aerial bootcamp designed to take the beginner to the air! My personal teaching style focuses on building a strong foundation and core. I love to break things down into bite sized pieces so that you develop a better sense of your body and build the strength needed to progress. When I'm not teaching or performing I'm spending time with my two kids, treating patients at my acupuncture practice or creating art and writing. Up next? Cyr wheel. I hope to see you in one of my classes!

Molly Alghussain :

Molly Alghussain

Hello my name is Molly Alghussain. Throughout my entire childhood I loved gymnastics. I found my love and passion for the aerial arts in 2010 and specialize in aerial silks. It is so satisfying to see my students learn and grow as they move through their own aerial journey. I received my aerial silks teaching certification in 2012 and have been teaching since then.

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I also received my aerial yoga certification through SkyBound Aerial Yoga in 2016. My teaching style is focused on breaking down each part of the movement or skill so that the concepts are easier to digest. I also love to give modifications for different levels and performance styles. I am a cirque performer with Aerial Revolution and Aerial Couture Entertainment and have performed in full-scale productions, at private parties and charity events and at various nightclub events on aerial silks, hammock, spansets, aerial chandelier and lyra. When I am not teaching or performing, I am hanging out with my husband, Ahmad as we discover new places all around our new neighborhood in North County SD.

Courtney Crooks :

Courtney Crooks

Hello, my name is Courtney Crooks, but I am better known as Crooksy. 🙂 Ever since I was a little girl, I loved gymnastics and music, teaching myself how to play piano when I was five, and always pestering my neighbor to teach me new tricks and flips. After life lead me down a path of music, I moved to San Diego, CA in 2012 to finish my college degree in Jazz piano performance.

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It was during that time that I discovered aerial silks, and it was then I had found my new passion which involves both gymnastics and music! I have been training for over three years in aerial silks now, and it was through getting some injuries that I started practicing aerial yoga. I enjoyed the many benefits I received from this practice so much, I decided to get certified twice through Aerial Revolution and Galaxy Lifestyle to teach aerial yoga and share the knowledge I received. In the future, I plan to be getting certified to teach aerial silks as well. Because of my aerial background, my classes are geared towards helping one gain strength and flexibility to help build one up to take what they learn to their aerial practices or everyday life. I also like to do fun tricks and poses in my class that one can relate to other aerial apparatuses, and I always end with a nice floating savasana. When coming to my class, I will make you sweat, but you will be leaving feeling refreshed, relaxed, accomplished, and maybe have some more confidence to take that leap and climb up that aerial silk, chinese pole, or lyra. First timer, injured, not flexible? Not a problem! Come to my class, and we can change that together! Let’s fly!

Faegann Harlow :

Faegann Harlow

Hello fellow flyers! My name is Faegann Harlow. Born-raised in Pacific Beach, I was an active gymnast for 7 years, competing in National level events & teaching competitive levels 5 & 6 along the way. After high school I graduated a Holistic Health Practitioner program & have been a practicing Massage Therapist for over 15 years.

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I was living in Las Vegas when I finally saw my 1st cirque show & knew immediately I had to give circus a whirl! The only problem – I hadn’t been physically active for 6 years. With passion & persistence in aerial arts, flow arts, dance & stilting, I began to perform in Las Vegas Strip shows, corporate events, nightclubs & eventually toured with Mötley Crüe for 2 years as their Lead Aerialist. My qualifications include 8 years as a Professional Circus Performer, over 500hrs in anatomy training, 100hrs in overhead rigging training, NASM Sports Performance Certified, 200hr Yoga Instructor, a Certified Nutritionist, (& currently completing an Herbalist Certification & Sports Nutrition Certification). I have taught gymnastics, yoga, calisthenics & aerial for a cumulative 6 years and my goal is to be a thorough, attentive teacher, shaping your circus journey to be as safe & efficiently progressive as possible! While my classes are catered to conditioning for joint stabilization, proper biomechanics and skill progressions - know I do it for the look on a student’s face when they achieve a skill they never thought they could, confidently drop their 1st drop & feel their own strength! That look is priceless!!! So I hope to see you in one of my classes – maybe you can grab a success selfie, so you see what I see! 😉

Notes you may not know about me: I was a Professional Hip-Hop dancer so long ago it makes me feel like a grandma!! Until I go skydiving…and then I feel young again. 😉 Vertical & sling apparatus’ are my beloved focus. I’m all about silks, rope, chain, hammock & net. And handstands. Who can forget handstands!

Krista Perks :

Krista Perks

My name is Krista Perks and I love swimming through the air. As an acrobat I mainly focus my training on aerial fabrics, rope, and straps – but I also enjoys working on trapeze, rings, handbalancing, chinese pole, ground acrobatics… basically everything circus. Empowering people with use of their bodies in ways that they might not have thought possible is a passion of mine in teaching.

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The strength that you gain by flipping upside down and climbing 30ft into the air translates to all aspects of your life – mentally and emotionally as well as physically. I try to gather as much experience and knowledge as I can from aerialists around the world for a well-rounded and in-depth understanding of the basics in how each apparatus works and in how our bodies work with each apparatus. I treat the studio like a laboratory – constantly experimenting and researching and trying to push through new spaces in the air and within myself. Focusing on conditioning and technique is essential to gaining the freedom to explore your body and an apparatus to its fullest extent so I structure both my classes and my own training around this principle. In addition to teaching, researching, and performing as an aerialist I also teach and research as a neuroscientist. I’ve found that combining these two passions makes me kind of a “knot nerd.” I love teaching because every body and every person is different so I always learn things from my students that I would not have learned just training on my own. Please join me for a class at Aerial Revolution and join me in the learning adventure – whether you want to improve your health, to experiment with dance and movement, to start training for a career as a performer, or to just smile and have some fun! I am also available for private instruction in aerial fabric, straps, and rope upon request. I currently perform with Aerial Revolution Entertainment and the Circus Collective of San Diego.

Nathan Edwards :

Nathan Edwards

I’m Nathan Edwards and I’ve been with AR over 6 years. My biggest passions in Cirque are AcroYoga, Acro-Adagio and Partner/Duo Trapeze. I came to AR at age 35 with little or no experience in the circus arts, gymnastics, yoga or dance. I am proof that you can start from zero and make amazing progress if you invest the time. I have been training on trapeze over 6 years and practicing AcroYoga for 5.

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I’ve found that partner-based training and performing appeal to me most because I love the energy of creating art in motion while collaborating with others. I have performed and co-taught partner trapeze with Jacqueline Witt and Elizabeth Sibert acting as my mentors and inspiration for several years. My other focus has been my intense love of AcroYoga. I have invested thousands of hours training and attending classes, workshops, intensives and festivals across the country to advance my knowledge of the acrobatic arts. I have co-taught classes and workshops under the most experienced teachers in San Diego. In addition, I have hosted the largest Acroyoga Jam in San Diego for the last 3 years and helped introduce many new faces to this practice as an official AcroYoga Jambassador. I’m so grateful to my AcroYoga mentors in San Diego and around the world that continue to inspire me to push past my fears, find the magic and create the trust that makes the crazy things we do possible. I offer a lot of patience, understanding and compassion as a teacher because nothing I’ve learned came easily. I hope you’ll join me and the amazing staff here at AR to change your life by creating art in your own body - moving through space and making magic along the way. See you soon!

Summer Pulice :

Summer Pulice

My name is Summer Pulice, the newest addition to the AR team! Since childhood I remember thinking that joining the circus was something only other people did, until I found Aerial Revolution. After I took my first silks class in the summer of 2012 I knew that I had finally found my true passion in life! Since then I have been dedicated to learning everything I can about the art of aerials...

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while attempting to inspire as many people as possible along the way. In 2014 I co-founded the aerial performance company Silk and Twisted Aerial Arts and began traveling to different music events all over California performing and teaching introductory workshops on a variety of different apparatuses including Silks, Lyra, Aerial Cube, and the Dream Catcher. In December I completed the Aerial Teacher training program offered at Aerial Revolution earning my certification to teach levels 1 to 4 on the fabrics and lyra. Since then I have been leading open gym on Saturdays from 1:30 to 3pm as well as filling in as needed for various classes in the studio. When im not at Aerial Revolution you can catch me at a number of different events offering introductory workshops geared toward empowering young people to test their physical limits through self expression while building the strength and confidence they need to reach for their dreams! As a performer, the Silk and Twisted team and I work with circus companies and venues in San Diego such as Circus Mafia, Cirque Quirk, and Spin Nightclub providing everything from choreographed routines, to ambient aerial entertainment at a number of different events including weddings, fundraisers, corporate events, holiday parties, flow retreats, and music events all over California. For any students that want a little extra attention, I am also available through Aerial Revolution to coach private lessons for beginner to intermediates looking to build the strength and endurance needed to excel to the next level of their aerial practice through proper conditioning excerscises and a more of a form focused session. Stop in for open gym with me and practice skill you have learned in previous classes to help log them in your muscle memory bank! Hope to see you all in the sky!

Jessica Avila :

Jessica Avila

Hello my name is Jessica Avila I am a professional circus artist based in San Diego. I joined the circus when I was twelve years old and have been performing professionally for over ten years. My passions have always led me to the stage whether it was through dance, circus or through teaching the next generation of cirque performers.

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I have been trained in Mongolian contortion, acrobatics, stilt walking, fire eating, aerial arts and my specialty; hand-balancing. My teaching style has always been primarily focused on technique and conditioning to build a strong foundation for later creative exploration. I love to help people who have never done any physical activity find their strength and confidence through circus arts. As a performer you can catch me at nightclubs, private events and of course corporate events balancing on my hands, being flexible upside down or in the air!

Monica Bellner :

Monica Bellner

Monica Bellner's passion for yoga stemmed from her initial exposure to the practice while she was in the midst of a career in operatic performance.  Fueled by a need to control and lengthen her breath capacity to successfully negotiate difficult vocal lines amidst the unpredictability of live theater, yoga's deep traditions were a perfect and ample solution to a complex problem.

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Monica earned her teaching certifications through CorePower Yoga, where she completed dual certification courses in Vinyasa and Hot sequences.  She later obtained additional teaching certifications through courses in Unnata Aerial Yoga, and has completed more advanced training to sequence and teach advanced Vinyasa yoga, Yin-Yoga (restorative) techniques, meditation as well as in-depth anatomy instruction.

Monica communicates to her students how to use the practices within classical yoga to enrich every aspect of modern living.  She seeks to help students develop habits supporting objective observation of events and offer ways to experiment with opening the boundaries of current restrictions, thereby finding new paths to experience and enjoy each moment fully.

Ehrick Costello :

Ehrick Costello

Hi, my name is Ehrick Costello. My whole life I’ve been moving. Whether I was playing sports or rock climbing or scaling buildings downtown, movement has always been a big part of who I am. I discovered circus as an adult, and after a couple years of training, I discovered the Chinese Poles.

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Like any good super hero, I then fell of the face of the earth for two years in order to focus all my time and energy on training this wonderful apparatus. I came back to society with a wealth of knowledge, ready to share my newfound abilities with the world. I love seeing students grow and make the transition from learning new skills to developing a movement vocabulary of their own. Chinese Pole is a demanding discipline that requires intense physical conditioning, and I feel privileged to be able to guide people on their path to the superhuman strength and ninja-like reflexes that make a good Chinese Pole artist. As a performer, my expertise is in Chinese Pole, but I also perform duo adagio and group acrobatics with the San Diego Circus Collective and have been known to do some hilarious character work with the Southern California Ballet. Come check out a pole class, and be prepared to fall in love! I teach both beginner and intermediate classes, so whatever level you’re at, you can come have a good time.

Jennifer Curry Wingrove :

Jennifer Curry Wingrove

I am Jennifer Curry Wingrove and I am the Director of Astraeus Aerial Dance Theatre and Executive Producer of Wingrove Studios Presents. Renowned Ballerina of the California Ballet Company, I have performed a diverse repertoire of lead roles in my accomplished international ballet career.

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In my training, I was invited to study the ballet arts in Russia where I completed a Certification of the highest degree. Since 2011, I have brought my ballet expertise into the air, and have become a professional aerialist and an instructor of aerial arts. I have been a dance teacher for over two decades, and am passionate about bringing the concept of fluidity of transitions as well as performance quality and style into my aerial classes at Aerial Revolution. As a performer, I excel in fusing ballet with aerial arts, creating and executing aerial ballet choreography. I have performed the lead aerial ballerina in “The Firebird Rising” with the Luminario Ballet of Los Angeles and have had the privilege to work with the great Debra Brown of Cirque du Soleil. Furthermore, I am an award-winning producer, choreographer, and Director. My aerial dance theatre production “Save My Soul” recently took “Best Of Fringe” at the 2015 San Diego International Fringe Festival. I can also be seen dancing in Coldplay’s music video “True Love”, as well as in the movie “Petals On the Wind”. As well as being an instructor and performer at Aerial Revolution Entertainment, I am also the founder/photographer of Wingrove Studios Photography, and am the founder/instructor of Pilates On Park in San Diego.

Kiona Daelyn :

Kiona Daelyn

Hello my name is Kiona Daelyn. Aerial dance has been a passion of mine since my first time on a dance trapeze at age 11. I hold a B.F.A in Dance Education from University of the Arts, a yoga teacher certification from 7 Centers Yoga Arts, and have been teaching aerial and dance classes since 2002.

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I teach trapeze, silks, yoga, meditation, ballet, modern dance, composition, and more! I am also a teacher trainer for Aerial Revolution. My teaching style is focused on clean technique and transition clarity to allow even the simplest skills to come together as a performance worthy sequence. My youngest aerial student was 3 and my oldest was 72. I love working with people of all levels and abilities and strive to make sure each student feels both challenged and accomplished when they leave class. My style as an aerialist is heavily influenced by a lifetime of training in classical dance. I’ve performed professionally as a dancer and aerialist with Aerial Revolution Entertainment, Malashock Dance Company, O-T-O Dance, Funhouse Movement Theatre, Visionary Dance Theatre, and many independent choreographers, projects, and festivals. I currently perform as a company dancer with Astraeus Aerial Dance Theatre as well as performing as a freelance artist and instructor.

Laura Dasi :

Laura Dasi

Hello! My name is Laura Dasi. From a very young age I have always been fascinated with exploring and discovering my physical abilities through dance and movement. My early training included gymnastic, jazz and ballet. I have over 20 years of experience as a performer, 7 of which were spent as a classical ballerina in New York City.

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I have also been a certified yoga instructor since 2003, teaching group classes and private lessons throughout San Diego. My aerial journey began at Aerial Revolution in January 2011. I felt an immediate, natural inclination with this new art form and excelled very quickly with my extensive background in both dance and yoga. I became an aerial silks instructor at Aerial Revolution in the Fall of 2011. My teaching style focuses on active muscular engagement while learning moves, allowing the student to build the necessary strength to progress safely into more advanced skills. I also emphasize body awareness, precise attention to details and correct mechanics for cleanliness of execution. As a professional aerialist I am passionate about putting my heart and soul into every performance, creating original choreography that combines daring athleticism with grace, emotion, storytelling and musicality. I am blessed with many opportunities to perform at corporate events, weddings, parties, music festivals and theatrical stage productions with Aerial Revolution Entertainment, Nomad Artz and Astraeus Aerial Dance Theater. One of the highlights of my career was appearing on season 9 of America’s Got Talent in June 2014. Not only did I have the honor of showing my skill and artistry to millions of people across the world, I also inspired many by sharing my story of living with the autoimmune condition Alopecia and the lessons of self-love, acceptance, true beauty, and courage that this has taught me. It brings me great joy to live a life of creative artistry and to inspire others by sharing my knowledge!

Jesse De La Cruz :

Jesse De La Cruz

Hello, my name is Jesse De La Cruz. Since childhood I have always been fascinated in circus arts. I started gymnastics when I was three, and made the switch to circus when I was a teenager. My teaching style is very positive. I like to be there every step in the way of someone's learning process.

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It's very fun and inspiring to watch my students grow as they developed in to such great performers. I currently perform stunts on an 80 foot moving pirate ship at the Disneyland Resort and am also preparing to compete in my second international aerial circus festival.

Jackie Dragon :

Jackie Dragon

Hi! My name is Jackie Dragon. I am a certified yoga teacher, Yogaslacker, AcroYoga and AcroYoga (MTL) teacher and have a passion for teaching acrobatics, slacklining, yoga, and the creative process behind all physical forms of movement and partner work.

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I trained with Murshida Moumanie Kadre and Mursshud Van Merlin for the past 10 years in various styles of yoga practice including Tibetan, Hatha, and Kundalini. I believe all spiritual practices are the inherent right of all sentient beings on the planet. I am also a director of Liberty Advance, a 165 Acre retreat center in East San Diego County where I study, train, and host various yoga programs and detoxes. Aside from having a daily practice, I am interested in growing the sustainability of the community at Liberty Advance and uniting yoga teachers across San Diego as a means of transmission of these ancient and modern traditions.

Rachel Dragonfly :

Rachel Dragonfly

My name is Rachel and I believe movement is an essential part of the human experience. I grew up in Montana with great mountains and lakes at my doorstep as well as creative and musical parents who have always encouraged me to explore that which interests and inspires me. I began dance and ski lessons when I was 3 and I’ve been moving my body ever since.

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In 2010 I moved to San Diego where I discovered my love for yoga, acrobatics and circus performance.

I received my first 200 hr certification through the New Being Project School of Consciousness in 2011. I have since completed other trainings and am a certified Deep Yoga Mastery of Life, AcroYoga, AcroYoga Montreal, YogaSlackers, and Yantra Yoga Teacher. I am a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) to the 500 hr level and (E-RYT) at the 200 hr level through Yoga Alliance.

I teach a style of AcroYoga with my partner, Jack, which blends the AcroYoga and AcroYoga Montreal styles together, incorporating elements of yoga, acrobatics, and creative process. We developed a series of sequential Forms that take the students from the most fundamental and foundational postures of AcroYoga to improvisational acrobatics, movement, and performance.

I am currently on the faculty at Liberty Advance Yoga Retreat Center in East San Diego county where I reside part time and manage the retreat program. I also teach a meditative style of Yoga called Deep Healing Yoga and I perform as a stilt walker. Alongside my movement practices, I am never without a camera and have a fascination with insect photography. I am a Certified Massage therapist with a specialization in Jin Shin Acutouch, and I love to travel.

Allison Klein :

Allison Klein

Hello my name is Allison Klein, I am born and raised in San Diego and I am an experienced gymnast, dancer, and circus performer. My passion has always been performing and I'm lucky to say that I am fulfilling that passion as my full time job. My main background comes from gymnastics which has led me on a road to find circus acrobatics.

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I have had many performance opportunities from being a dancer in Shenzhen, China to currently performing as an aerialist in night clubs and an acrobat at the San Diego Zoo and Sea World. As a teacher, I truly believe strength and flexibility are two of the main components you need to be a successful aerial artist so I really like to focus on that.

Ariel Whitworth :

Ariel Whitworth

My name is Ariel. I’ve been passionate about dance, movement, yoga, aerial, and body mechanics for many years. I’m a professional belly dancer, who has studied traditional Turkish and Egyptian orientale, Turkish romani, and tribal fusion belly dance styles since 2003, and been professionally performing since 2006.

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I use a variety of props to complement my dancing, such as cane, sword, fire fans, zills/sagat, and veil. I’m also versed in folkloric forms of dance from Turkey and Egypt, such as saidi, tahtib, debke, and khaleegi. I have been practicing and performing aerial silks, rope, hammock, and other apparatus for the past 2 years with Aerial Revolution. I have a 200-hour yoga teaching certificate from Boundless Yoga in Washington, DC, and I am a California and National board certified acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist who specializes in working with orthopedic and athletic injuries. I teach a fun-filled, joyful approach to traditional belly dance. I emphasize fitness and stretching, proper body mechanics, cultural awareness and tradition, and dramatic characterization. My dance performances are lively, exciting, and passionate, and can be catered to the theme of your event, be it corporate, dance club, or wedding. Come check out a belly dance class or performance at Aerial Revolution!

Dena Schlieve :

Dena Schlieve

Hello, my name is Dena Schlieve. In 2010 at the age of 39, I fell in love with the circus arts when I attended my first flying trapeze class. For the last 6 years, I have studied different aerial apparatuses, including flying trapeze, static trapeze and aerial silks.

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I am a certified aerial instructor who enjoys assisting students in advancing their aerial skills and reaching their strength and flexibility goals regardless of their age or starting fitness level. I have performed on both aerial silks and static trapeze at various Aerial Revolution shows for the last 2 years. I’m living proof that it is never too late to start your aerial career. Come fly with me at Aerial Revolution!

Elizabeth Sibert :

Elizabeth Sibert

Hello! My name is Elizabeth Sibert. I’m a PhD student in paleoceanography (I’ll have my degree mid-May!), but I’ve always loved being upside down and in the air. I’ve been doing circus since I was 11, and started gymnastics at age 6. I have been teaching various circus arts, from juggling, to acrobatics, to flying trapeze, and of course aerials (including silks, trapeze, duo trapeze, and lyra), for over 10 years.

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I’ve trained with Circus Smirkus, Nimble Arts (now NECCA), and Tito Gaona’s Flying Fantasy Circus, and I have been part of the Aerial Revolution family since 2009. I also run the silks program at UC San Diego. I got my start teaching flying trapeze, aerials, and other circus arts with Tito Gaona’s summer camps. I enjoy learning new skills, apparatuses, and ways to move around in the air. My teaching style focuses on fundamentals and technique: I believe that with the right basics, you will be safer in the air, be able to stay up for longer, and have the skill, control, and awareness to learn pretty much any new trick that comes your way. I break skills down, and have a very analytical, technical way of explaining them you can learn why and how they work, and really master them. I really love teaching aerial, because every class and student has a unique way of thinking, moving, and learning aerials: even after over 10 years of teaching, I still learn something from my students in each class. Every student is different, and it is an honor to work with, and help to develop their aerial practice. While I don’t perform very often (I’m a research scientist in my other life), I have performed on silks, lyra, web, single and duo trapeze, partner acrobatics, and even an apparatus of my own invention. Come take my class and discover how much little changes in technique can revolutionize your aerial practice. You might even learn a few new tricks, too.

Eva Wingo :

Eva Wingo

My name is Eva and I am an aerial silks and lyra/hoop instructor. I fell in love with circus when I saw my first Cirque du Soleil show, Totem, in 2011. Ever since, I've been flying high with my fellow circus freaks at my second home, Aerial Revolution. I have performed in several AR showcases, as well as venues in downtown San Diego, and most recently, as an aerialist in Cirko Teleskoptíco.

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Through AR, I obtained my aerial teaching certification and, while I love performing, my teaching style is more focused on strength and conditioning, as my background is in fitness. I am a certified barre and bootcamp instructor so I enjoy utilizing aerial movements to give students a different but fun way to work out!

If you're ever looking for a fun and new way to workout, join me at Aerial Revolution and let's get high together

Jacqueline Witt :

Jacqueline Witt

Hello my name is Jacqueline Witt. At the spritely age of 8 I was introduced to Triton Trooper Circus by my sister. My passion for Circus arts was sparked by my background in gymnastics, dance and team sports. I started training in balancing acts and moved to the air. There is a sense of wonderment and Awe that comes from looking at the world upside down.

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It provides a new fresh perspective and keeps you aware of your surroundings. I am a certified Aerialates, aerial yoga, Zumba and circus arts instructor. As a teacher I focus on building strength, technique and confidence while keeping class fun and creative. As a performer I enjoy both ground and aerial acts. Specializing in Duo and Single Trapeze, Spanish Web/Rope, Partner Adagio/Acro, Pole Walking and character work. Try out one of the various classes taught by me or check out this feisty performer to see her movin', shakin', styling and smiling her way into your heart.

Katie Quinn :

Katie Quinn

Hi, my name is Katie Quinn. From a young age, I have loved the ocean and just about everything having to do with water, which makes San Diego a pretty great place to have ended up! In fact, when I’m not teaching at Aerial Revolution, you’ll find me out working with marine mammals or leading a middle school youth group.

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I fell in love with circus in 2011, when I decided to take a chance at the gym near my work with a giant sign out from that said “trapeze”. From that point on, I was hooked. I’ve been teaching at Aerial Revolution since 2013 focusing on beginner and intermediate silks classes. My teaching style is all about fun and encouragement, focusing on giving my students the strength and confidence they need to improve! My favorite part of teaching is seeing my students have that “a-ha!” moment, when they finally are able to master a skill they’ve been working on. If you’re looking for a workout that is both motivating and challenging, while learning new skills, give my class a try!

Laura Hoeger :

Laura Hoeger

Hi! I’m Laura and I am thrilled to be a part of the Aerial Revolution family, bringing the fun, whimsy, power and relaxation of Aerial Yoga to all levels of practitioners. I discovered yoga in 2009 while working on my PhD in Art History at UCSD. The stress and anxiety produced by that environment led me to seek a way to manage my thoughts and emotions, and to take time for myself to enjoy the present moment.

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I was fortunate enough to begin practicing Vinyasa Yoga with Laura Dasi, and gradually noticed the changes in my mind, body and spirit. Years later, through Laura, I discovered Aerial Silks, started taking classes at Aerial Revolution, and fell in love. In the first Aerial Yoga class I ever took, I knew I had stumbled upon a particularly special practice.

Now, having earned my 200 hour yoga certification in Interdisciplinary Flow, and my Sky Bound Aerial Yoga certification, I take great joy in bringing the practice to other people. I focus on proper alignment and safety for all levels, opening all areas of the body making students feel stronger, more flexible, and more relaxed. I enjoy unique sequencing in the hammock, moving seamlessly from the floor to the ceiling, closed to open fabric. My teaching style is accessible to all levels, I give options to build on each pose to stretch deeper or relax more. I invite my students to approach me with any questions or issues; if a pose does not work for your body, let’s find one that does!

I truly love teaching Aerial Yoga, and invite you to take my class, experienced aerialists, seasoned yogis, and brand-new practitioners alike!

Marena Bronson :

Marena Bronson

Hello, my name is Marena Bronson. I’ve been finding ways to create and express myself through movement as long as I can remember – in dance, theater, music, competitive sports, and now dancing in the air. As a member of some of BYU’s award winning dance groups I was fortunate enough to tour and perform before audiences around the country throughout my college years.

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After stepping away from performing to pursue a broadcast journalism career for several years, my passion for performing was re-ignited after discovering a dance studio while on assignment. I was introduced to the world of Circus Arts a few years ago and was immediately hooked. It’s a world where I can continue to challenge myself – and a world where the artist and the athlete can co-exist. I’m a member of Dance Educators of America, a STOTT Certified Pilates Instructor and a certified Aerial Instructor. I love playing on Aerial Hoop, Hammock, Aerial Spansets, and Aerial Silks - which I currently teach at Aerial Revolution. You can catch me performing throughout Southern California as a member of The Circus Collective of San Diego and Shapeshifter Circus. I also co-choreographed the San Diego International Fringe Festival’s Award-Winning show, “Nocturnicon”. Come fly with me!!!!

Mary Gioannetti :

Mary Gioannetti

Hi, my name is Mary and I’ve been a teacher at Aerial Revolution for almost 3 years now. My passion for the Aerial Arts began about 4 years ago and my specialties include Aerial Silks, Dance Trapeze and some Hand Balancing. Aside from the Aerial Arts, I enjoy riding my motorcycle and getting out on the open road in my free time.

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I work full time as a massage therapist and group fitness instructor teaching classes such Yoga, Bootcamp, TRX and Spin. I believe I’m a good teacher because I’m well rounded in so many different styles of teaching and they can blend together in many ways. I like to offer variety in my classes and keep things interesting by changing what we practice and learn on a regular basis. I also feel like my teaching style is fun and creative and I’m patient with those who need a little more time to learn.

With performing, I have a slower dance-based style that incorporates strength, flexibility and easy transitions between skills. My favorite performance was when I had a solo at Aerial Revolution’s Summer Show last summer. I began the 80’s rocker themed act with a dance/contortion piece with my motorcycle and then went on to perform on the silks for the rest of the song, Fly to the Angels.

Some other fun facts about me are that I moved out here from my hometown in Florida almost 6 years ago, if I could live anywhere in the U.S. besides San Diego I would live in Charleston, South Carolina and I looove dogs!!

Sarah Shires :

Sarah Shires

Hey, I’m Sarah! In addition to my passion for acrobatics and aerial arts, I have always loved all things geeky—from reading sci-fi and fantasy novels, to learning about the next great scientific discovery, to watching Star Trek. I recently moved to San Diego to do research for my Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences, and am so happy that I have moved to a place that has such a vibrant and creative circus culture!

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I grew up competing in dance and gymnastics. Because of that background, sports acrobatics and partner work naturally made their way into all of my competitive routines and performances, and I grew to love working together with my partners to come up with new tricks to try and perform that would wow audiences. I have been competing or performing in dance, gymnastics, or acrobatics for over 17 years, and since I moved to San Diego, I have been training Silks, Hand balancing, Lyra, Chinese pole, Rope, and Trapeze at Aerial Revolution as well! I am currently part of Aerial Revolution’s Performance Group as well as the Circus Collective of San Diego. I love any time I get to perform and make a character or story come to life! Some of my favorite performances have been as the Purple Fairy in Circus Collective of San Diego’s Cirquetacular! Cirquetacular!, a Ludice in Cirko Teleskoptiko, and a Bearded Lady in Aerial Revolution’s 2015 CirKiss. I have been teaching gymnastics, dance, tumbling, and partner acrobatics for over 10 years. My favorite thing to teach is partner acrobatics, and in my classes I like to focus on strength, technique, and above all, safety and trust in between partners. I love the trust that builds when a base and a flyer work together for a long time! If any of these things interests you, and you want to get stronger, make cool shapes, and learn new tricks, come to one of my classes! No partner necessary!

Zoe Irvine :

Zoe Irvine

My name is Zoë Irvine and starting at a very young age I fell in love with performing. I began my performance career in music, theatre, and dance. Upon discovering circus arts, I found an artistic discipline that melds my passion for creative artistry, physical challenge, and the thrill of the stage.

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I have been teaching circus arts since 2012 and have taught a wide range of ages and levels both locally and internationally. All of my classes, whether beginning, intermediate, or advanced, focus on having a strong technical foundation from which to build skills and sequences. In addition to building strength and endurance, I always encourage my students to find artistic expression within the skills. Circus requires a great deal of physical coordination and athleticism, but ultimately it is a performing art, and the movements come alive through the unique artistic interpretation of each performer. Outside of teaching, I am a professional circus performer. I specialize in static and dance trapeze, but also have a passion for aerial hoop and flexibility training. In 2015, I performed dance trapeze for Montréal Complètement Cirque, an annual international circus festival, and in 2014 I was the static trapeze finalist for the Denver Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival. In San Diego, I have performed with the Circus Collective of San Diego, Aerial Revolution Entertainment, and Lindley-Lopez Productions, and I am the newest company member of Astraeus Aerial Dance Theatre. I believe that circus training and performance can be a wonderfully fulfilling journey for people of all ages and abilities. For some, it can be a fun, community-driven way to connect with their bodies and reach their highest physical potential, for others it is a powerful opportunity for self-expression. Either way, you are not the same person on the other side, and, inevitability, you will be the better for it. See you in class!

Tracy Gittens :

Tracy Gittens

Hello mOMent. My name is T Mac and I am a world-renowned Aerial Yoga teacher. From the time you enter my class I would like you to suspend your worries. Trust yourself to change your perspective. I have been an advisor in setting up studios all around the world from La Jolla to Thailand studios such as Elka’s Yoga and Wellness to Thanyapura Phuket.

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Joining the aerialist world you don’t defy gravity, you defeat it. I have been hosting Aerial Yoga Teacher Trainings through my company Galaxy Lifestyle for 6 years guiding teachers to their highest potential. Hopefully you’re #DTF (down to fly) with me one day soon. In gratitude dream, ask, believe and know it is yours.

Gina Granier :

Gina Granier

Hi, my name is Gina. I have always loved music, movement, and dance. These days I am lucky enough to have a job that allows me to do all three. I am a California-credentialed teacher, and when I am not teaching movement and flexibility, I am teaching music. I love the overlap of these two areas, and I love watching people be inspired by one to create the other.

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Born and raised in New Orleans, my first gig was a variety-type show where I played piano, danced, and did contortion (sometimes at the same time!) with some very talented New Orleans performers. As a cirque flexibility teacher, my focus is on healthy, sustainable stretching, because I’ve been doing this for 15 years and plan to do it for many more! Luckily, flexible joints help prevent injury, as long as they are also being strengthened, and you are stretching actively. I stress all these points during my classes, and help people identify the strengths they already have to begin with. My goal is for everyone to be feeling better when they leave class than when they walked in (both mentally and physically.) That is when I feel most successful as a teacher, and my job is very important to me. I still perform occasionally, but I believe teaching is my true calling, and feel so lucky to have I job I genuinely love and that keeps me healthy.

Veronica Shogren :

Veronica Shogren

Hi my name is Veronica Shogren. I started doing gymnastics when I was six years old and ever since then I loved the challenge and how it made me feel. From back handspring passes on floor to cartwheels on the beam I loved the sport. When I eventually quit gymnastics, I kept looking for something to fill that void, I finally found it at Aerial Revolution.

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I am CPR and first aid certified; with my background in gymnastics I am very comfortable spotting tumbling, groundwork and handstands. My teaching style is focused on technique and safety. Breaking down and demonstrating is important to teaching new skills. I have performed silks and contortion at Aerial Revolution and will be performing again at the summer show. Come take my kids tumbling class!