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Take your training to new heights by exploring cirque arts, yoga, and creative fitness. We offer a wide array of aerial disciplines and circus inspired workout techniques that will revolutionize your body and mind. Aerial arts are suitable for all fitness levels and experience. We welcome first time clients as well as seasoned performers. Aerial fitness is a growing trend, and it’s because you get a killer workout while having a great time. Emphasis on self expression, creativity, and an awesome social atmosphere make our studio truly unique.


Our cirque aerial classes condition your body like a gymnast and dancer. You can learn to perform amazing feats of strength, flexibility, and endurance! Our classes are designed to challenge you, but also to give you a positive, creative, and friendly experience you’ll never forget!

Aerial Silks
*Levels: Intro, 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4, and Advanced World Class Aerial Silks instructors help guide you through our unique and progressive levels (1-4) system. There are three different categories of skills that go into an aerialist’s sequence: climbs, wraps, and drops. Aerial silks are a fun and safe way to get into shape and experience the thrill of cirque aerial arts.
Aerial Lyra (hoop)
*Levels 1&2, 2&3, 3&4 Lyra, or Aerial Hoop is an elegant and magnificent tool for cirque performance and conditioning. The lyra is a large, hanging metal circle made of hollow steel that spins and tilts. Aerial hoop poses develop strength, balance, and flexibility.
Aerial Hammock
*Level 2 A loop shaped aerial silk is a beautiful variation on the traditional aerial silks performance and practice. In this class, you must be able to mount the fabric from off the ground. You will learn to work in both the open fabric and closed sling to create beautiful poses and drops.
*Levels 1&2, 2&3 Static and Dance Trapeze athletes and circus performers learn to dance and move around the bar and ropes. In this class, you will learn beautiful poses, balances, drops, and hangs while the bar itself stays mostly in place or is spinning. Trapeze class develops upper body strength as well as a strong core.
Chinese Pole
*Beginner and Intermediate As seen in Cirque du Soleil and many modern cirque productions, Pole Dancing and Chinese Pole athletes have amazing body control and strength. Their bodies become sculpted with muscle and they seem to easily defy gravity. In this class, a full body workout can easily be achieved as both the upper and lower body must work in extreme intensity. Learn to perform such poses as the “human flag,” wherein the body suspends sideways and only the hands are in contact with the pole.

*student will need shoes and pants. For Intermediate and advanced levels blue jeans that allow for movement are recommended. Flat soled athletic like Feiyue martial arts shoes or wrestling shoes are ideal.

Partner Acrobatics
Acrobatics is the combination of the two circus art forms: adagio lifts combined with hand balancing and partner acrobatics, such as double planches and partner handstands. Circus Acrobatics consists of “Adagio” partner lifts, throws and tosses, and other acrobatic maneuvers. Many styles of dance incorporate some form of adagio, and Partner Acrobatics or “Acro” tends to incorporate many styles of dance and gymnastics.
Hand Balancing
*Mixed Levels and Intermediate Level Hand standing, or Hand Balancing is an ancient practice of focus and patience. Learning to balance on your hands or head away from a support like a wall is an amazing circus accomplishment! Handstands build strong arms and core as well as promote good circulation, hormone balance, and overall good energy! Advanced practitioners will learn to balance in multiple body/leg positions on one or both hands.
Aerial Rope
*Level Intermediate/Advanced Aerial Rope or Corde Lisse is an impressive display of strength and grace. The vertical rope which can be used to climb, wrap, pose, and drop, can also be turned into a “Spanish Web” when a loop is added for a hand or foot to hang from. The Spanish web circus act requires someone to spin the performer repeatedly from the ground as many shapes are created despite the intense centrifugal force.
Open Aerial
Play on the silks, trapeze, or lyra as well as learn balancing techniques for adagio all in a community environment. Begin with a hard warm up and break a sweat, and then surround yourself with beginners and experts alike and play! Trained teachers are always available for questions and help beginners get on (or off) their feet. This class is the foundation for the Aerial Revolution community and a great way to make new friend, try new skills, and have fun.
Aerial Conditioning
*Level 2 This class is designed for aerialists who have finished our level one program. Endurance, increased strength intensity, and deeper range of motion in the shoulders are the focus in this 45 minute workout.
Aerial Boot Camp
Suitable for beginner to advanced aerialists. Not recommended for those who cannot invert from the floor or for first time clients. This class is for building strength using functional training as well as using all types of aerial equipment. You may use your class packs or pay a drop in fee for this class. Sign up in advance REQUIRED. We start each workout with about 20 minutes of cardio: running, jumping, burpees, etc…the workout becomes more focused on a couple body parts, but in general, we work the entire body each day. We use the silks, lyra, trapeze, poles, and other apparatus to create a workout that is specific to becoming stronger and more balanced to help improve your aerial practice and level up!

Adult Class PRicing:

Youth Cirque

Our youth program is designed to introduce the circus arts and provide our students with a sense of accomplishment while having lots of fun!

Reservations and Cancellation Policy

To attend a class, reservations are required. Please book a class in advance with our fully integrated booking and payment page. Regardless of whether you have a groupon voucher or other payment or package to use, we REQUIRE a credit card on file in your account. We have a strict 3 hour cancellation policy and we DO charge a fee for a late cancel and for a no-show. Our classes are extremely popular and there is often a long waitlist for most classes. No shows in our classes will be charged a $10 fee or the use of one class on your package if you have one.  Youth participants are required to register for each month in advance, and are given make up open gym passes for missed classes. 

Our cancellation policy: 3 hours prior to class or you lose your class. If you are a member, and you no show, there is a $5 charge added to your account. Thank you for understanding!


All Groupon deals must be redeemed at the studio. All of our classes require a reservation and require a credit card on file. You do not have to pay for the class up front, but a credit card is required for no show charges and late cancel fees… Please create an account in our scheduler and sign up for your first class as unpaid. Bring your voucher to your first class. Once we have you entered into our online software system, you will be able to log in and check how many classes you have left as well as make future reservations using those classes.