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ALL our performances are customized for your specific event and theme. You can begin the process of booking a performance in two ways.

  • Call (858) 703-7924 and speak to Jessica Flores about what you have in mind
  • Fill out our convenient entertainment booking form below.

We’ll create a quote that matches your needs perfectly!

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Private Green Room and Staging area must be provided.

Lighting. We are not equipped with our own lighting and sound system. Technical equipment can make or break a show. It is very important to have proper lighting and sound. We can outsource this for you if needed. If you are to provide us with lighting and sound, both a tech meeting and rehearsal must be scheduled prior to the event.

Most venues can accommodate aerial rigging. Access to a structural beam or existing truss is required. We provide all hardware needed. Rigging fees are extra and depend on the complexity of the job. We work with certified riggers whenever possible, but our staff is trained to hang our apparatus in most circumstances.

Aerial Revolution offers portable aerial rigging solutions. Portable rigs come in many shapes and sizes. We can also provide custom apparatus to fit unique themes and venues.