We have included a list of our most popular sellers, but we hope you will dream BIG, because ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Some costuming may not be suitable for the acts we are providing for your event. All of the details regarding proper costume, theme, makeup, etc, are completely tailored to your preference. We consider that a very big part of pulling together your event and theme. There are many, many more apparatus, available.

Typical Price List:
This list includes the most popular acts available. It does not imply a final cost, nor does it
include all services that Aerial Revolution can offer, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. All services are custom to the client’s
request, and we aim to provide the most creative and innovative acts you can think of! *Please ask us about our student
performers for small budget events! We can help you have an amazing event for much less!

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Extra Requirements (negotiable and may be included in total quote)

Travel Expenses: (flights, car rental, and hotel, rig shipping)
Per diem/day $35 each performer and rigger
Custom Costume or choreography expenses

Regular Charges

Rigging (standard, includes one portable aerial rig and technician) $1000+
Rigging (technician only or rig to venue) $550+
Cube Act (rental, set up) *does not include transportation $800+
Additional Insured Certificate $125 each listed
Service Charge +20% (base)

Performer Charges

Chinese Poles Cube Act (4 performers included) $4500.00+
Aerialists (Double Trapeze Act) $1000.00 per performer
Aerial Bartenders $1800.00/hr (grande chandelier extra)
Aerialist (Rope, Hammock, or Silks Act) $1000.00+
Aerialist (Net or other act) $1000.00+
Stilt Walkers (2-4 depending on rates/availability) $500.00
Fire Dancers $450.00
Juggler/Clown or other Street Performance $400& up
Contortionist or group $1500.00+ (each)
Hand Balancer on Canes or duo $1500.00+ (each)
Acro-Balancing Duo $1200.00+ (each)
Rhythmic Gymnasts, Ballerina, Latin, or Hip Hop Dancer(s) $350+ (each)
Power Stilt Jumper $650 per hour
Go-Go Dancers, Hula-Hoopers, Belly Dancers $250/hour+
Trampoline act $5000+
Fast track act $5000+

Sample Package Pricing (*some additional charges may apply)

Private Party Package: $2500. Includes 1 Fire Dancer (includes fire safety person), 2 go-go Dancers, and 1 Acrobatic Dancer, costumes, music, equipment.

Wedding Package #1: $4000.. Includes 2 aerialists, standard rigging on one point (rig to venue), 1-2 performances each, costume, music, and equipment.

Corporate Package #1: $6,500. Includes 2 Stilt Walkers (2 hours max with 20 minute shifts on/20 breaks off), 2 Aerialists, Standart rigging, 2 Dancers, costumes, music, equipment.

Corporate Package #2: $12,500. Includes 2 Stilk Walkers (2 hours max with 20 minute shifts on/20 breaks off), 2 Aerial Duo Silk Performers, 1 Aerialist on Hoop, Chinese Pole Cube Act, 2 fire performers, 2 go-go dancers, 1 Roaming Magician, 1 Juggler, costumes, music, equipment.

* We can customize any package, and you will save money by purchasing multiple services. Keep in mind that rigging charges, insurance certificates, and custom costuming may require additional cost. The above examples reflect our most popular packages, but do not represent limitations due to space requirements or venue regulations.

  • Aerial Revolution Entertainment offers high-quality, cutting edge, and affordable live entertainment, in the spirit of
    contemporary circus much like Cirque du Soleil.
  • Aerial Revolution will provide its innovative circus apparatus and professional entertainers to produce aerial and ground acrobatic acts that will be custom to the client’s age, taste, or theme choice.
  • We can also provide atmospheric performers on stilts and/or power risers.
  • The relationship between us will direct immediate attention to the event purpose, and will add ambiance and an
    artistic backdrop for your guests and patrons.
  • Rates projected in this quote imply a “typical” cost of the acts Aerial Revolution sells, but does not imply limitations as to the types of acts we can provide.
  • Rates are completely negotiable and based on specific and custom event. In addition to revenues generated by the above productions, Aerial Revolution Entertainment assumes that the client will provide a safe environment and security for our performers.
  • The Aerial Revolution Entertainment team has expertise, experience and commitment to make this venture a
    highly successful event.

Theater Productions

“Pan Gu” – An AR original production about the story of how life began as told through ancient Chinese Mythology.
“Dreams” – An AR original production about a strange world a young girl explores in her sleep.
“Over the Psyclone” -An AR original twist on The Wizard of Oz.
“CirKiss” – AR’s 21+ original aerial burlesque show with sexy themes, costumes, and tastefully raunchy comedy.
“Cirque du Cinema” original production with impersonators, acrobats, and aerialists representing genres of movies throughout time.
“Aerial on Broadway” original production in the style of broadway musicals. Live music, energetic theme.
“Rock On” original production with rock music of the ages.
“Memoirs of Nicholas” original production with a unique and cultural Christmas theme.

Past Clients and Venues

Night Clubs, Event Centers and Restaurants: On Broadway, Stingaree, Hard Rock, Se Siren, Cafe Japengo, Top of the Park, Rich’s, Spin, 4th and B, San Diego Convention Center, CA Center for the Arts Escondido, Burbon Street, Sotano de Rita, The Key Club in LA, The Beverly Willshire

Hotels and Resorts: W Hotel, The US Grant, Hyatt, Hilton, Park Hyatt Aviara, Hotel Se, Hotel Palomar, Hard Rock Hotel, Marriott, The Westin Gaslamp, Holday Inn Sea World, Town and Country Resort, Marriott Newport Beach, La Jolla Shores Hotel, Rancho Bernardo Inn, and many, many more….

Non-Profits, Corporations and Organizations: Coca-Cola, MTV, E! Etnertainment TV, Las Patronas, Soul Plates, Being Alive, Antibody, Inc., APWA, Barona Casino, Keane, MCASD, The City of Del Sur, The City of San Diego, to name a few…

Charitable Organizations

We are passionate about what we do, and feel it is important to share and give back to the community. Therefore, we do a few charitable events per year at a very discounted rate. Some of our favorite charities are: March of Dimes, Chelsea’s Run, the AIDS Foundation, Breast Cancer Society. Please let us know how we might be able to help by either donation of classes at our studio, or by way of a short performance at your event.

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