We are so pleased and excited to offer a performance team at Aerial Revolution!

Our studio is the most unique in all of San Diego because we offer a real pathway toward performing. As you probably know, we host student and staff/professional shows about 4 times per year now. It’s a huge part of our business, and a huge part of our student’s and staff’s growth as performers. Before AR was a real studio, there were little to no chances to perform what you want. It was extremely difficult to gain experience in front of an audience as an amateur performance artist. Part of our vision at Aerial Revolution was to create an outlet for advancing students to gain that experience. We wanted to teach professionalism, safe practice, as well as allow our students and staff to create beautiful art using their own fantasy. We offer a place to perform with an audience that supports and encourages that creativity. The process of creating our productions has been a learning experience for all of us, and the lessons we have learned are invaluable. We are so proud to have seen several of our past students and staff become professional performers with Cirque du Soleil, Disneyland, Sea World, and of course through success in social media.

So, what is the performance team about?
It takes consistent training to build upon each skill we learn to continue to make our performances better. As a supervised and coached team, we will be able to take our performances to the next level. Taking into account the strengths and talents of each member, we can create over time show(s) that are more marketable, professional, and of a higher level. We can teach and learn more about production, marketing, rigging, and choreography. We can work together to improve our skills and build trust and confidence in our team members. The teams would ultimately be the cast for our 4 shows per year, but would also be given performance opportunities and possibly paid gigs in the community. The team would be encouraged to compete in local aerial competitions and AR would support this adventure.

Who are the coaches?
The head coach will be Jessica Flores, and specific coaches will be added to the production season depending on the needs of the group and the production script for each season’s showcase. You can expect to be challenged as well as given constructive criticism to help develop your acts as individuals and as a group. All apparatus and acts will be encouraged, and we will focus on act development and making each act production worthy.

Who can audition??
Anyone can audition. Everyone who is interested is encouraged to apply. Interested applicants may have some experience in aerial apparatus of their choice, but may also have some experience in dance, gymnastics, music, art, or other talents that our direction team is interested in. There are 2 teams: Professional and Amateur. Professional team include our entertainment company performers, staff, and invited students. Professional team is paid for their performances whenever possible. Amateur team will include aspiring students and any professional who also wants to be part of the direction and creation of our bi-annual student shows. Amateur team may also get modestly paid gigs depending on the circumstances but will be given scholarships to help cover some of the cost of our memberships so that all team members would be motivated to take as many classes as possible.

What are the expectations?
The team members would be required to have and to keep up with their monthly membership (at a scholarship/discounted rate.) If you are accepted onto the amateur team, you would be expected to commit for at least one full show season (6 months.) You would be expected to attend at least one of two weekly 2 hour practices.

When is the First Audition?
The first audition will be held January 7th at 11:30am, and each month after on the first Saturday of the month at 10:00am by appointment only. The class is ongoing and we will add members to the team as necessary. To schedule an appointment, please email Jessica Flores: jess@aerialrevolution.com